Cook Up a Whole New Design

Get beautiful kitchen countertop installation in Elk Grove Village & Chicago, IL

You wouldn't cook with stale ingredients. Why should you let your kitchen become stale and uninspired? Spice things up with a new kitchen countertop from Stone Shop. We work with quality materials to create works of art.

We've been supplying stone for kitchen renovations and remodeling for 40 years. We know how to make your kitchen really stand out. You can purchase a new countertop made from granite, marble, quartz, quartzite or sintered stone. We minimize the seams so your countertop will look as smooth and uniform as possible.

Don't care for the standard 2-inch or 3-inch thick material? No problem. We can custom cut the stone to your exact specifications.

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Update your home with a new kitchen backsplash in Elk Grove Village & Chicago, IL

When you're washing dishes in the kitchen sink, you don't want all that soapy water spraying onto the wall. Instead, we'll put in a kitchen backsplash made of tile or stone. This material still looks great no matter how much dishwater splashes on it.

There's a lot we can do with tile. We can also update your:

Floors | Counters | Sink surrounds

Contact us today to discuss getting a kitchen backsplash in Elk Grove Village, Chicago, IL or the surrounding area.