Polish Up the Look of Your Stone Surfaces

We can provide stone restoration services in Hinsdale, Elk Grove Village & Naperville, IL

Sometimes a countertop replacement isn't what you need. In some cases, simple stone restoration can make your counters look brand-new again. Stone Shop offers a variety of restoration services.

We can polish your stone until it shines like new. We can also remove and replace tiles or clean discolored grout. No matter what it takes to bring your stone surfaces up to par, we will do it.

Contact us now to request stone restoration in Hinsdale, Elk Grove Village, Naperville, IL or one of the surrounding areas.

Call us when you need a stone chip repair

If your countertop gets damaged, don't just ignore it. Give us a call. We can take care of any stone chip repair you need. We'll fill the chip and smooth it over so the damage isn't even noticeable.

Call 847-787-0166 today to ask about stone chip repair in or around Elk Grove Village and Naperville, IL.