New looks for Countertops and other surfaces

There are tons of benefits to engineered surfaces. The materials, which are typically made from ground-up quartz, resins and pigments, or are created by heating and compacting raw materials are incredibly durable. They can resist scratches and stains of any kind and engineered surfaces do not need to be sealed or waxed. For this reason, engineered Quartz is currently the most popular material for kitchen countertops.

Another added benefit, , is that these surfaces can be engineered in any color or style, opening up a wide variety of options to fit homeowners’ preferences.


1. Marble Styles in Light Colors

Marble-look engineered surfaces are the most sought-after styles right now for kitchens in 2021 . White and cream colors are currently dominating the market. There has been a huge demand for lighter, airy, and more optimistic colors for countertops within the last year. Many associate these colors cleanliness and hygiene. Since Covid-19, the aesthetic for countertops has definitely taken a turn from Dark and moody finishes to light and bright finishes. Since people have been staying home and constantly cleaning everything, they want to clearly see the surface so they wipe any and everything down.


2. Other Soft Colors

Solid soft tones in a variety of different colors are also making a huge stride in 2021. Beige color’s add a nice warm and sunny vibe while Posidonia green gives the calming and relaxing feeling of being somewhere out in the Mediterranean.


3. Concrete and Other Worn Textural Styles

In addition to a focus on new colors, manufacturers are also creating lots of interesting textural looks for engineered surfaces. Concrete and other worn looks are showing up frequently in new styles.

From the Industrial style, that uses a darker concrete tone with a roughed-up look to the light- colored smooth concrete style the options are endless.

 Engineered surfaces are most commonly used for kitchen countertops, but they are increasingly showing up elsewhere inside and outside the home. That’s because manufacturers are offering thinner slabs of the materials, which makes it easier to install as cladding on vertical surfaces. These unique colors and textures can be applied to numerous different surfaces. From a bathroom wall to a kitchen backsplash there are tons of different options.